Eaco started life as a Jobs Management System helping organisations keep track of the work that they undertake, what was done and who was doing it. Whilst this was its beginning, today the Eaco System is so much more. 

How did Eaco end up as comprehensive and powerful as it is?

It all started with a "Job"

Eaco started with the concept of a Job. A job being something that needs to be worked on (your organisation might call a "job" by other names such as a project, case, claim, work order, etc but at its core all of these things are a "Job").

All of the details of a "Job" are bundled together on a Job Card. Imagine everything that could be associated with a "Job" and then linking them together all in one single spot. A single source or truth on each an every job where you can see:

  • Job Details such as the Job Name, Job Description, Job Location, etc.
  • Customer Details such as the Customer Name, Customer Contact Details, Customer Address, etc.
  • Stakeholder Details such as all of the people associated with each Job including the Customer, Staff Members, Suppliers, etc.
  • Finance Details such as Quotes, Invoices, etc.
  • Notes, Comments, Status, Due Dates, Files, Documents, Photos, etc.

Tasks then make your Jobs so much more Powerful

You can then add Tasks to each Job Card. Eaco's Task Management Functionality enables you to  specify exactly what has to be done on each Job. You can use Eaco's Tasks functionality to:

  • Set the tasks that your staff and/or suppliers need to undertake on each job;
  • Set job safety tasks that must be undertaken before jobs commence;
  • Set compliance tasks that must be undertaken before or during the job;
  • Create Forms to be completed during each job such as Site Inspections, Quality Checklists, Problem Solving Questionnaires, etc.
  • Capture key Job Data and report that to your clients; And,
  • Set Standard Operating Procedures that are automatically added to your Jobs.

Automating Elements of your Job

You can then configure the Eaco System to trigger things that you would like to happen automatically to a Job such as:

  • Tasks that should be done on that Job;
  • Who is to complete the Job;
  • Reporting codes associated with the Job;
  • Status Updates on the Job;
  • Compliance requirements associated with the Job;
  • Properties and Assets associated with the Job;
  • Quotes and Invoices relevant to the Job;
  • Programmed Jobs enabling you repeat jobs on a schedule you set;
  • Etc.

Keeping Track of all of the Job's you do

You can then keep track of all of the Jobs you undertake in a way that suits you. You can simply:

  • Use Eaco's Search functionality to look up a specific Job;
  • Use Eaco's Board's functionality to see all of your Job Cards at once and instantly see their current Status;
  • Use Eaco's Reporting functionality to capture the Job data in the structure and format that you desire;
  • Use Eaco's Dispatch System to distribute and track jobs in real time with live mapping; And,
  • Use Eaco's Fieldworker App to manage Jobs out in the field.

But Work is so much more than just Getting Jobs Done

Getting Paid is Important Too

Finances plays an important role in every business. Eaco's Finance Management System helps you create and manage all of the Invoices Receivable and Invoices Payable associated with the work you undertake. It even integrates with your accounting system to make data entry easy for you.

Suppliers are integral in modern business

External suppliers are an essential part of business today. Whether you're hiring contractors, sub-contractors, franchisees, freelancers or a supplier by another name, Eaco makes it easy. Eaco enables you to create your own custom Supplier Network(s), inviting your Suppliers into your business network and enabling you to distribute your Jobs to them. That way you and your Suppliers are working on the same integrated system, enabling you to work together and collaborate on each Job and the Tasks associated with each Job in order to make each and every customer happy.

Compliance is a part of life

Inductions, Insurances, Licences, and much more are a part of life today. In order to keep your organisation in the good books with government authorities and clients its important to ensure that your business, your staff and your suppliers are all meeting the compliance requirements. Eaco makes it easy for you to track all of these Compliance documents.

Properties and Assets Management

Tracking jobs, staff, suppliers, contacts, and invoices against specific properties and assets.

Contact Management

Enabling you to view all of your contacts (staff, suppliers, customers, etc), their details and all of the jobs that they are associated with.

And, of course, all of this is Private

Setting up Eaco all starts with your User Management System. This enables you to be very specific about who can see what and what each of your Users can see and do. Eaco's comprehensive privacy system lets you create User Groups, and then when you set up (or invite) users into your organisation you can assign which User Groups they are part of.

Importantly, Eaco's Supplier Management System also ensures that your external suppliers can only see the specific Jobs that you have allocated to them.

That's the whirlwind tour

So that's Eaco in a nutshell. Jobs (and Job Cards) really are fundamental to the Eaco System. It sounds super simple, but don't underestimate the power of that concept. 

Imagine the power of (a) Breaking everything that needs to get done down into a series of Jobs, (b) Breaking it down further into the specific Tasks required on each Job, and (c) working through those Jobs and Tasks until they are all complete. If you put your mind to it, this is the exact process required to achieve absolutely anything in the world.